Important note Retirement of icTime and Retirement of biz on December 29th, 2023


Planning in ictime refers to simple time (time-budget) planning. There are two different time planning levels within ictime:

  1. Work estimates on task/sub-task level (this functionality is already provided by JIRA and ictime enhances this option by providing a central planning sheet).
  2. Planning/estimates on component and project level. This is additional functionality provided by ictime.

Apart from having two different places to enter time budget planning information, there is also a specific approach for being able to manage rough time budget plans and detailed planning at the same time. This is explained in detail in the following chapters.


Starting from Version IcTime considers Jira project permissions in addition to IcTime permissions. In case a user has no JIra permission at all for a project, the project is not any longer shown in planning screens.