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Additional release information

IcTime is maintained on a regular bases. Issues can be submitted using our public issue tracker here: Public Issue Tracker - icTime (External link). Issues (consider checking for issue type "Question") provides additional information which might be helpful in case you can not find the answer to your question here. 

Unless changes have a major impact on the documentation, please consider the plugin release history for changes as well:  Version based release details icTime (External link) 

Version 6.x Changes

icTime Version 6.x requires Jira 9.x. Version 6.x will not work on Jira Versions  8.x or lower.

IcTime VersionDocumentation changesRemarks

Jira 9 enabled version of icTime. Functionality based on icTime Version

Version 5.x Changes

IcTime VersionDocumentation changesRemarks
Display of project specific Activity Types in Timesheet & Reporting for selected projects.

Timesheet & Reporting

  • User filter search changed from local to remote (server) search. Listed result does not depend any longer on currently selected projects
  • Display of rounded time 
  • Epic Summary MV
  • Time Tracking Configuration Introduced
  • New features:
  • Improvements
    • Reporting page
      • speed improvement reporting
    • new column to display linked issues added
  • Starting price list support for project specific activities Configuration
  • timesheet / reporting : inactive user selection added
  • Jira Issue Screen, tab  "Work Log (ictime)"
    • quick approval function added Functions
  • optional new parameter
  • this version includes all prior changes
  • this version enhances compatibility
    • Jira : 7.2 up to 8.1.0
    • JSD: 3.3 up to 4.1.0
  • Fixes empty list of invoices

This version is only applicable for the following versions:

  • Jira 8.x
  • JSD 4.x

Users running Jira 7.x may update to this version in case they do NOT have JSD installed.

Users running JSD prior Version 4.x should NOT install this version Activities
  • session based column handling in timesheet, reporting and accounting refactored
  • structured view (reporting / timesheet) & warnings  
    • changed open / close triggers
  • Improvement of Custom Reports functionality
  • Added JQL Query support in reporting 
  • : Performance improvement reporting / timesheet
  • Support for default values (user dropdown)
  • JSD Support: Limitation of user lists JQL Queries in Reporting
  • JQL Support in Reporting (experimental)